A Resume Writing Formula that Gets Results

The Quick Step-by-Step Resume Writing System and Online Course For Busy Job Seekers

Sick of applying to jobs only to never hear back?

Your resume is the problem. This course is the answer.


Erica KosaI’ve reviewed thousands of resumes across multiple disciplines (particularly the highly competitive STEM industries); spoken with hundreds of recruiters on what works and doesn’t work; shown job seekers that their dream job is possible with the right resources; and, mastered helping candidates refine their resumes to get the response they deserve.

I’m Erica Kosa, a tech recruiter turned resume writer and career development evangelist.

Throughout the last decade, the #1 excuse I hear from job seekers is:

Erica, if I just got an interview, I know I could get the job. Why aren’t recruiters contacting me?!

When it comes to solutions for my clients and their career development goals, the best way to get a recruiter to respond is by submitting a top notch resume. Once that communication is open, your dream job is just a few steps away.

But, there have been so many different opinions on what a good resume is. The main problem is everyone has an opinion on what a good resume looks like, but no one can agree on what that is.

Until now, hiring a resume writer or specialized headhunter has been essential for getting traction in this highly competitive job market.

And that can get expensive in a hurry (think, add-on fees for extra pages, years of experience, or even just to get access to the document to edit yourself!) and also cause all sorts of headaches (i.e. “Sure, I can re-write your resume for $300.” But, all the writer did was spellcheck and format. They don’t understand your industry at all. All those tech words? Yikes! Refund? Probably not. /facepalm).


If you didn’t hire someone to do the work the work for you. You likely would spend weeks researching and putting together a resume that you weren’t quite happy with.

So, how else can you create a resume that makes recruiters scramble to schedule an interview with you?

Well… you could go out and search for a resume template and try to figure how to write a resume by yourself.

  • The problem is resume templates don’t include anything about the resume actual content.
  • Most of the information out there on resume writing wasn’t actually written by recruiters.
  • There are very few courses available online for resume writing that actually focus on content.

What ends up happening?

You either spend an arm and a leg on a resume writer…and lord knows how long that will take to get done (and what about future changes? You will have to pay for those as well).


You hack together your own resume, try integrating all the random information you found online, attempt to make it look non-crappy…and then get frustrated and just submit your sub-par resume anyway.


Even worse, you decide to give up: staying in a job you hate, being unemployed longer than necessary; or, settle for less because your dream company never called.


Well, good news. Finally, a solution is here.

Introducing: Resume Writing Formula by EK Careers

THE resume solution for your job seeking woes

I understand your pain. I’ve been there. My first job right out of college, I was ready to settle for less despite having multiple positions and internship experience. It took me years to find my passion and even longer to convince recruiters of my value.

After working with 100+ engineering companies and mentoring students on career development, I finally mastered my pitch. An updated resume and LinkedIn profile resulted in being contacted numerous times recruiters from high profile tech companies without even applying for a job or looking! And, that is exactly how I was hired to work on-site at Google.

Not only do I know the in’s and out’s of recruiting in the super competitive tech industry, but I’ve been there. I understand exactly where you are and where you want to be.

I’m not only a resume writer, I’m a former recruiter. I know how to get a recruiter’s attention. Now, I’m sharing these recruiting secrets with you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd what if you could create a resume that is amazing and takes away all those confusing resume frustrations and is super affordable (as opposed to hiring a writer for $300 or more)?

Meaning… something that…

GETS RESULTS:  Not only do you get an entire course on how to write a recruiter worthy resume, but you also get a set of resume templates that look great without requiring you to be a Word Doc expert. This course is designed specifically for people who want a resume that gets results and don’t want to take forever to get there.

resume_opinion-1Includes 3 resume templates in Word Document along with an entire module dedicated to formatting. 

YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF:  A step-by-step guide (complete with videos) that walk you through EXACTLY how to create a resume, compose each section, tailor your content to a specific job, format in Word, and following up with referrals and recruiters.

Here's a sneak peek of the back-end of Resume Writing Formula.

Each section in this course includes a video with audio and full PDF slides so you can easily follow along and write your resume… without feeling stressed about the little stuff!

And that’s exactly what the Resume Writing Formula is. Think of it as an amazing, resume creation course specifically for busy job seekers who want results without the stress of figuring it out by yourself.

Imagine what it will feel like to:

  • Apply to a job and get a call back the same week
  • Have recruiters call you without even applying to a job
  • Be confident in your skills and ability to sell them to the hiring manager
  • Receive an offer for your dream job

Your results driven resume is just a few clicks away.

Everything You Need to Know in 8 Modules


This module is a quick overview of the course and resources: Everything you need to get started.


Learn how to gather all of the background information you will need.

  • Know your product
  • Know your customer
Create: The Foundation

Includes all the basics to create the foundation of your resume.

  • Headers
  • Objective & Profile Statements
Create: The Body

This course module focuses on the main content of your resume.

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Additional Sections

Spice your resume up with the right set of ingredients.

  • Action Verbs
  • Skills
  • Quantify
  • Accomplishments & Results

An amazing resume is tailored to the job description. This module covers exactly how you can tailor your resume in a quick and easily with step-by-step instructions.


Your resume content is only effective when it’s formatted to perfection. In this module, we will cover:

  • Word Document Basics
  • Word Walk-Through & Demo
  • Final Touches & Quick Tips
Finishing Touch

Now that your resume is expertly fashioned, what’s next? We will cover all the final details in this last module.

  • Submit
  • Track
  • Follow-Up


  • #1
    3 Resume Templates

    You don’t need to start from scratch. Use these Word Doc resume templates to jump start your resume. Each template is recruiter approved and fully customizeable.

  • #2
    Action Verb Guide

    Spicing up your resume is now even easier with a quick action verb guide for you to reference as you add some pow to your resume

  • #3
    Formatting Checklist

    Never worry about forgetting a minor formatting detail again. This checklist will ensure you have a resume that is formatted to perfection.

  • #4
    Job Search Tracker Spreadsheet

    Keep all your ducks in a row with this easy to use spreadsheet. Track your applications, referrals, interviews, and more.


Maybe you've... Thought about leaving your current position / company for something better; just started your job search; or already applied to jobs, but not getting much or no response from recruiters.

You want to… Create a resume that “wows”; make a fantastic first impression when you apply for a new job; or, have recruiters clammering to contact you.

Then this course is for you.


You don't want just any resume. You want a winning resume. Only the best resume will work for you.


You know that only you can create what you want and you take pride in tackling projects to create awesome results.


You don't have weeks to wait for someone to create something subpar. You want results...fast!


You know your dream job is within reach. You are ready to take the next step in your career.

The Resume Writing Formula is an amazing, step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire resume creation process. If you want a resume that wow's, then look no further.

Enroll Now!


If you wanted to hire a resume writer to create a custom resume for you, it would cost an average of a few hundred dollars up to nearly $1k for highly technical or experienced backgrounds.

We wanted to make this no-brainer affordable for you because we know what it is like to be in your shoes!

We wanted to make this affordable because we didn’t want an amazing personalized resume (your #1 job search tool) to be limited just to people who could afford paying big ticket prices.  Everyone deserves to follow their dreams!

What is the true cost of… Staying in a job you hate? Being unemployed longer than necessary? Not being able to articulate your value to a recruiter?

A resume is your premiere marketing tool that gives opens access to recruiters, hiring managers, and more. Your career shouldn’t be stagnant because your resume is subpar.

As soon as you purchase you get a unique username and password where you can access the entire course. All modules are digital videos with downloadable PDF slides.  And your bonuses will be pre-loaded for you.

2 WEEK guarantee! ZERO RISK

ZERO RISK. 2 Week Guarantee!

We want to make creating your professional resume as easy and awesome as possible. We stand behind the Resume Writing Formula. Test drive it for 2 weeks and if you aren’t happy, we will refund 100% of your money. Why 2 weeks? Because we know that once you take action, you will see results fast. We know you will love it, but, yes, that’s a 14 day money back guarantee.


Do I need to sign a contract or anything?

Nope! You will have free, online access to the course for an entire year. You will not be charged any recurring fees beyond the 1-time registration fee. No long term contracts.

I'm not sure if this is for me. Do you have any sort of guarantee?

Yes! We know you will love the Resume Writing Formula, but if for some reason you are unhappy we have a 14 day money back guarantee.

What other technology will I need?

Besides access to the internet to view the course, you will need a word processor to create your resume. The resume templates are in Word Document format.

I have a question. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please email: support@resumewritingformula.com.

Resume Writing Formula Enrollment
  • Instant, full access
  • Step-by-step course with 8 video modules
  • 3 resume templates in Word format
  • Action verb guide
  • Formatting checklist
  • Job search tracker spreadsheet
  • Resume Writing Formula workbook